Minnesota Women Ceramic Artists is a professional organization that supports

ceramic artists who identify as women in Minnesota. MNWCA provides its members opportunities for exhibiting, networking and mentoring throughout their ceramic careers. MNWCA furthers the creative and professional development of its members.


Mentoring Program

Are you looking for an opportunity to become more involved in your local ceramic community? Perhaps there’s a certain skill or area of expertise you’d like to learn more about or would be willing to share? Or maybe you’d like to build a one-to-one relationship with someone else working in your field. If so, consider becoming a mentor or mentee as a member of MNWCA.

Benefits of Becoming a Mentor

   Gain personal satisfaction from enriching the emerging artists’, students’, or established artists’ current artistic needs.

   Give back to the ceramic community through the development of peers, emerging artists, students, and ceramic professionals for the future by personally and professionally supporting their growth.

   Enhance coaching, feedback and existing skills.

   Get exposure to new and different styles, knowledge, and perspectives.

Benefits of Becoming a Mentee

   Develop attributes and understanding of clay and ceramics as it relates to professional and personal development.

   Learn and apply clay and ceramic skills.

   Acquire access to the experiences of working and established artists for guidance in technique, shows, career opportunities, educational opportunities, apprenticing opportunities, representation, communication, and networking skills.

   Develop the skills and knowledge to become a future mentor.

How to Get Started

We’ve developed several tools for you to help you utilize the MNWCA Mentoring Program, including:

   A complete description of the MNWCA Mentoring Program

   The MNWCA Mentoring Agreement helps define the what, when, who, and how tos of your mentoring session

   Example statements of Mentoring Program Objectives

   How to utilize our website to Become a Mentor or Search for Mentors

   Be sure to take advantage of the Mentoring Forum.

Note: special thanks to the Potters Council Mentoring Program from which we freely borrowed.

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